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A Report On The Management System - 1432 Words

Section 2: Problem Explained As stated above, BGC is done after a resource is hired. Now an unverified resource is there in the company which directly alarms security issues if that resource is found to be fraud or have a criminal background. Several problems hits when a BGC is done after hiring, some of which are: a) An unidentified resource is in the company which alarms security. b) No one is sure if the resource is having the proper education criteria which s/he has shown. c) A resource is to be paid for the time s/he is on bench when he is unbilled by the client which hits direct cost of the company. d) A resource is using space, water, electricity without getting billed. e) A resource is not even getting trained and allowed to sit idle. These are certain issues which no company can ignore as if they fail, it will compromise with the reputation of the company. Although, several measures has been taken to train the employee while BGC is conducted which will at least reduce the time to get a resource to properly indulge into a project. A Better approach is needed because the above situations are such which impact direct cost of the company and it’s not like that it can’t be eliminated but necessary steps is to be taken to eliminate them which will reduce direct cost and increase gross margin. Thus a new approach is requires here which will analyze these issues in depth and propose a solution to eliminate them. To support this, let us talk in terms of revenue, cost andShow MoreRelatedA Report On Management Information System1298 Words   |  6 PagesManagement Information system is an online database of financial informational organized and programmed that works to produces regular reports on operations for different level of management in a company. It can also be used and developed special reports for daily operations. Another purpose of MIS is to give feedback to the managers about their performance; and give the top manger oversight to monitor the whole company. Information shown by MIS shows the actual data over and against planned resultsRead MoreReport On Performance Management Systems3437 Words   |  14 PagesFor this paper, I will review the performance management systems in my department, Rural/Metro Fire Department (RMFD), Tucson, Arizona. First a little background about the department. Established in the Tucson area in 1962, RMFD currently delivers Fire/EMS/Ambulance Transport/Hazmat and TRT to its 206 square miles of service area (Rural Metro Fire Department, 2017, p. 1). From Fire Chiefs, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMT’s, Fleet Services and Administrative personnel, these 165 talented men and womenRead MoreAnalysis Report On Management Accounting System1459 Words   |  6 PagesA management accounting system collects accounting information and converts the information to an analysis report in order to help managers make correct decisions and let stakeholders fully understand how the company runs. In another word, the main purpose of the management accoun ting system is assessing the company’s performance with the help of different measurements. Thus, management accounting system reform should be closely linked to performance measurement. The mostRead MoreA Report On Biometric Attendance Management System Essay1025 Words   |  5 PagesBiometric Attendance Management System Techno Brains Firm 99 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, C A 95014 Project Management Plan (PMP) Harsha Chandra Katta, Project Manager Performance Objectives The aim of this project is to develop an application to maintain the Biometric Attendance Management System for the employees. Traditional Attendance Management systems are difficult to maintain and do not meets the organizations requirements. The existing system has led to problems in timely generation ofRead MorePerformance Management Systems Report Essay3944 Words   |  16 PagesPerformance Management System Report Performance Management System Report Introduction Crust Gourmet Pty Ltd is a well-known Australian pizza company which was established in October 2001 by CEO Michael Logos and current Managing director Costa Anastasiadis. It has a reputation of delivering healthy gourmet pizzas. Their main goal is to provide customers with the whole pizza experience while taking away the guilt factor and bringing back the enjoyment of eating takeaway food. To simplyRead MoreProject Report On Library Management System1764 Words   |  8 Pagesproject report on â€Å"Library Management System†. During the making/developing of this project we explored new ideas and functionality behind the working of and DBMS technique. We have learnt a lot during this project and liked the improvement in our testing skills and deep concept related to these kinds of projects. Our project is â€Å"Library Management System†. Library Management System is a light-weight and easy-to-use library information management software product for Windows. This report describesRead MoreOnline Crime Report And Management System Essay1919 Words   |  8 PagesONLINE CRIME REPORT AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Sai Prakash Reddy Gangidi California University of Management and Science Irma Zender 9/29/2016 Abstract The main aim of this project is to develop an online crime report and managing system which is easily accessible to the public at all times. The police department and the administrative department can register the complaints from people through this online system and it would help them in catching criminals and punishing them as per the law, and theRead MoreProject Report On Payroll Management System1922 Words   |  8 Pages AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2014 DRAFT PROJECT REPORT ON PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Submitted to:- Submitted by:- Mrs. Aabha Thakral Sachdev Kishan Gupta A2305211211 Read MoreInternship Report on Financial Management System of Ngo.5296 Words   |  22 Pagesdevelopment activities of Bangladesh thus the financial management has very significant role in ensuring productive delivery of this sector. In current days, the NGOs require to compete bidding process to acquire fund from external sources including Government. This process needs to prove its capacity and quality by qualifying itself in the current market approach of contractual bidding. The sound and professional financial management system of an organization helps to move forward to award thoseRead MoreReport Of Java Program : Store System Management3337 Words   |  14 PagesReport for java Program Store System Management User name â€Æ' Report of java program Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 2 Description 2 3 Code of event handler: 3 5 Code of event handler 5 7 Code for event handler 7 9 Code of event handler 10 10 Code of event handler 10 11 Code of 11 12 Code 12 Graphical user interfaces 13 Interfaces for 13 15 18 Supervisor

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The History of Softball - 729 Words

History of Softball This paper is going to be over the topic of softball. The history of softball, how it has changed over the years as well as the creation and invention. Believe it or not softball was created by males. People consider it a women’s sport though. Softball was created in 1887 when men joined together in Chicago Farragut baseball club to listen to Harvard vs Yale football game. The inventor of indoor baseball was George Hancock. The reason it was invented it because a Yale supporter threw and boxing glove at a Harvard fan while yell â€Å"let’s play ball†. It then became its own sport in 1991. The first game was played on Thanksgiving. The rules for softball we created in 1889 which was only 2 years after they game was even thought of. Softball and baseball are known as the same sport. As of a girls ball it is much bigger than a boy’s baseball but the boys ball is known for is hardness. The male’ s field is bigger than a girls diamond/field. The most common and noticeable of all is that a male’s ball is white while the female ball is yellow/green. The overall concept of the game is the same just a few small differences which consists of gender, fast or slow pitch, and both field and ball sizes. The name of the sport (softball) didn’t even make known until 1926 contributed by a YMCA member. A few fun facts, softball was the 1st women’s team. In 1895 they had 9 people playing short stop withShow MoreRelatedHistory of Softball1135 Words   |  5 PagesHistory of Softball Many people assume that softball came about from baseball, the sport’s first game actually came about because of a football game. The history of softball dates back to Thanksgiving Day of 1887 when several alumni sat in the Chicago, IL Farragut Boat Club anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Yale vs. Harvard football game. When Yale was announced as winner, a Yale alumnus playfully threw a boxing glove at a Harvard supporter. The Harvard fan swung at the balled-up glove withRead MoreHistory And Evolution Of Softball935 Words   |  4 PagesSoftball History and Evolution of Softball (â€Å"History of Softball,† 2009.). The game of softball was first birthed through a playful indoor baseball game after a Harvard-Yale football game. It was played with a boxing glove for a ball and a broom handle for a bat. George Hancock, one of the alumni who gathered to hear the football game score wrote down the rules for â€Å"softball† and came up with a new ball and a rubber-tipped bat, and painted lines on the floor of the Boat Club where the first informalRead MoreA Brief History of Softball720 Words   |  3 PagesThe way that softball is played today has evolved to be a direct descendent of baseball. According to Margaret Dodson, a professor of physical education at Portland State University and also a member of the Amateur Softball Association, â€Å"The game as we know it did not take shape until the 1980’s† (4). One version of the origin of the game was given to George W. Hancock, a reporter for the Chicago Board of Trade. (Dodson, 4). According to Dodson, on Thanksgiving Day in 1 887 Hancock and a few otherRead MoreSoftball Paper1510 Words   |  7 PagesThe History of Softball PHEC 202 Table of Contents 1. History of Softball 2. How to play Softball 3. Equipment needed to play a game. 4. Diagram of a Softball field 5. Bibliography Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Softball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Softball is now a very popular game that originated in Chicago, but it didn’t become popular over night. The game is said the beRead MoreSoftball And Baseball Are The Same Thing, Right?1193 Words   |  5 PagesLiz Johnson 5/1/15 Big History 5th-6th Softball, The Story of It All. Softball and baseball are the same thing, right? Wrong. Softball is the same as baseball, but it has a softer ball, right? Wrong again. So if it’s not the same as baseball and it doesn’t have a softer ball then what is it? Softball is its very own sport. Yes, it has similarities to baseball, but there are many differences. To fully understand softball you have to know its history, how it is played and how it works, what it is madeRead MoreInformative Speech On Softball915 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Speech Outline: The Invention of Softball I. Introduction A. Attention Material: What do you think would be happening on Thanksgiving Day in 1887? Most of you are probably thinking; eating turkey, having family over, or already thinking about Christmas. Well George Hancock had a different agenda. He created the game of softball on that cold November day. B. I am sure all of you have seen someone hit something with a bat; a face, a pià ±ata, or perhaps a ball. Well Hancock watched a manRead MoreBaseball, Baseball And Softball1112 Words   |  5 PagesWhen it comes to Baseball and Softball, these two sports have many similarities, but yet differ in many areas of the game. It insists, â€Å"Softball is often referred to baseball for girls, with a larger ball and aa smaller diamond† (History of Softball). Even though there may be some truth about that statement, it doesn’t mean that’s the only difference between the two. When it comes down to it, both sports have specific field requirements, equipment, rules and future occupations. Baseball has specialRead MoreHistory of Baseball1338 Words   |  6 Pagesplay in the MLB. Softball League is the women’s baseball league, it is a seven inning game instead of nine innings and underarm pitching instead of over arm pitching. Softball was originally played indoors. Softball is played by women mostly. There are two different types of softball, fast pitch softball and slow pitch softball. Fast pitch is for more talented and experienced players. Slow pitch is for more beginning players who are just learning the game. The requirements of softball are cleats, glovesRead MoreHow Softball Is My Favorite Sport1409 Words   |  6 Pagesexpository essay 10 October 2015 Swing, hit, homerun! Softball is my favorite sport. I love the excitement it brings me every time i smack the ball out of the park. The game of softball was created on Thanksgiving day 1887, but did not become a NCAA approved sport until 1910. ( One person that i look up to as a role model is Jennie Finch. She is one of the best softball players that has played in the olympics multiple times. Not onlyRead MoreA Game Of Balls And Bats911 Words   |  4 Pageswhat would you say? Some may say baseball, and the others would say softball. The truth is†¦ Both are correct. Often I hear gender arguing about which of these sports is harder or better. But I am not here to decide that, I am only writing about the main similarities and differences among these two sports. To begin, one of the most noticeable differences today is that nine out of ten times men play baseball, and women play softball. Every once in a while there will be an exception. This has been the

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Does This Milkshake Taste Funny Free Essays

George Stein, a college student employed for the summer by Eastern Dairy is faced with an ethical dilemma. His co-workers don’t care about proper procedures required in ensuring that the milkshake produced during the shift is hygienic and safe for human consumption. The milkshake that is produced is usually delivered to fast-food restaurants and drive-ins. We will write a custom essay sample on Does This Milkshake Taste Funny or any similar topic only for you Order Now George had less than a minute to think about his choices and must decide if he is going to remove the filters from the plant’s piping and, thus, allow the current production run of milkshake mix to be contaminated with maggots or refuse to remove the filters, and report the maggot problem to management. Removing the filters will save the company’s money, at least in the short run, and allow George’s shift to go home on time. George is disturbed, however, by the thought of children drinking those milkshakes. Analysis: The others looked Paul Burnham as direction. He’s goal was completing all of the assigned work before the end of the shift and clean the equipment. He does not care about other things from this. Such as the quality of the final product, the contaminants whether or not mix into the milkshake. Eastern Dairy was lack of quality control and quality management. It over relied on an occasional visit by the inspectors from the county health department for the overall production facility health check. Recommendation: * Create the quality control and quality management system, ensure that the quality of products, stuff behavior and administration are under control. * Design a monitoring situation. The company can set a night superintendent to monitor stuff and quality of production. * Establish a ethical concept and corporate social responsibility to stuff. * Improve the organizational culture. How to cite Does This Milkshake Taste Funny, Papers

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The Norton Introduction to Literature Essay Essay Example

The Norton Introduction to Literature Essay Paper â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† was written by Theodore Roethke in XXXX. Many critics believe that â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† lacks the strength of Roethke’s subsequently works like â€Å"The Lost Son† and â€Å"The North American Sequence. † However. this peculiar verse form is one of Roethke’s most good loved. read. and discussed pieces of poesy. The narrator’s equivocal relation of his father’s walk-in causes drastically different readings of the exact significance of the verse form. Many people claim that it is a stamp verse form of a positive interaction between a male parent and boy and a joyful childhood memory. We will write a custom essay sample on The Norton Introduction to Literature Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Norton Introduction to Literature Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Norton Introduction to Literature Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer While still others believe that it is a sad retelling of the maltreatment of a kid by his drunken male parent. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† is a solid illustration of how poesy can be greatly influenced by the reader’s yesteryear. It was Roethke’s end to make a piece of prose which was non his alone but belong besides to the reader and his/her personal experience. He leaves the verse form unfastened for reading by the usage of several literary devices. The fraudulence of significance in â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† is supported by Roethke’s usage of metre. initial rhyme. and apposition of images. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† offers such strikingly different responses from readers that frequently the proficient grace of Roethke is overlooked. This verse form is short in length it is rich in several traditional and rigorous attacks to poetry. Alliteration is when the initial sounds of words are similar and topographic point together. In line 4. â€Å"Such waltzing was non easy. † Here the repeat of the soft â€Å"w† contrasts the simile of decease used in line 3. The initial rhyme gives the feeling that the walk-in peaceable nevertheless when combined with the thought of decease. it is clear that the walk-in is â€Å"not easy† . â€Å"My mother’s visage / Could non unfrown itself† ( lines 7-8 ) has the initial rhyme of the difficult â€Å"c† sound. Compared that difficult sound to the joyful stanza it is found in. The â€Å"c† becomes a mark of cautiousness and caution. In lines 9-10. â€Å"The manus that held my wrist / Was battered on one metacarpophalangeal joint ; â€Å" the arrangement of the words manus and held together make a soft sound which contrasts the image of the â€Å"battered metacarpophalangeal joint. † The usage of initial rhyme allows the reader to construe the actions within the verse form as blithe or opprobrious. Image is another literary device used to make fraudulence of significance. The images of â€Å"dancing† together. a positive interaction. juxtaposed by the bruised brass knuckss is implicative of force. This negative reading is farther supported by the image of the male parent keeping non the son’s manus but his carpus. This is a much more aggressive act than manus keeping and gives the feeling that possibly the kid is being forced to dance. In lines 13-14. â€Å"You all in clip on my caput / With a thenar caked hard by soil. † is one time once more an image of force. It is obvious that the storyteller could intend â€Å"keep time† alternatively of â€Å"beat time† . In which instance. the image suggest a male parent playing the membranophones lightly on his son’s caput. However. the debut of the word â€Å"beat† creates a unsmooth tone to the lines and mentions in sound the word â€Å"battered â€Å" from line 10. Meter allows the reader a pick of what the verse form genuinely means. The true accomplishment of Rothke’s metre is frequently missed if â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† is non read out loud. Roethke uses forms of syllables to parallel the existent motion of the walk-in. For illustration in line 1-2. â€Å"The whisky on your breath / Could do a little male child dizzy ; † but should be read with the following emphasizes â€Å"The whisky on your breath / Could do a little male child dizzy† . The metre continues as above and rime strategy traditionally known as iambic trimeter. However. in line 11. mid manner through the verse form and go oning throughout the remainder of the verse form the metre is somewhat different from the walk-in. Roethke here is seeking to mirror the visual aspect of a rummy adult male seeking to make the walk-in. In line 14. there is a complete interruption in the beat of the verse form because there is an excess syllable. The word â€Å"hard† is non necessary at all. Remove hard from the line. and it still makes sense. The break of metre which mirrors the units of three that compose the walk-in draws attending to that line. The reader must oppugn why is the writer giving that line particular attending. One decision is that the verse form is non about a boy dancing with his tipsy male parent but with a kid digesting regular physical maltreatment. Another point of view is that it represents another cockamamie trip by the male parent that the boy enjoys. Through the usage of several literary devices Roethke creates a piece of poesy which is technically perfect and thematically equivocal. Alliteration was used to make double significance by partner offing soft sounds with rough images. Images of stamp minutes between male parent and boy were juxtaposed with violently aggressive words. The verse form parallels the existent stairss of the walk-in which contrasts striking with the thick actions of a rummy male parent. With the usage of initial rhyme. images. and metre. Roethke allows the poesy to be ill-defined which forces the reader to do up his ain head about the content and subject of the verse form. One of the ends of modern literature and hence modern writers was non to simply depict their environments or their emotions. But to animate. evoke. and allure the reader. Roethke’s wanted to non merely make his audience but include his audience in the creative activity of the poesy. Surely. by composing â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† which offers double significance. he allows for all his readers to derive a different apprehension of his authorship. He effects readers with a great childhood by composing a verse form which is lighthearted and nostalgic for their younger old ages. He besides effects readers who have some signifier of maltreatment in their childhood’s by guaranting them by the retelling of his narrative that they are non entirely in their experiences. The most of import influence of â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz† is it’s ability to excite conversation and argument between different readers. It is in the absence of pick by the writer that allows the freedom of pick for the audience. Roethke’s breathes new life into the oldest subject in literature – visual aspect versus world. In life really few things are of all time as they appear. Peoples. relationships. and memory are multi-layered and highly complicated. Possibly Roethke’s true purpose was to make a piece of composing which explores the equivocal nature of memory and suggests that retrieving is neither good or bad and but a simple combination of both. Plants Cited Roethke. Theodore. â€Å"My Papa’s Waltz. † The Norton Introduction to Literature. 6th erectile dysfunction. Ed. Carl E. Bain. et al. New York: W. W. Norton and Company. 1995. 769.

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One more river to cross essays

One more river to cross essays Crispus Attucks was the first American to die in cause of independence. He was born a slave in 1725, in Massachusetts. He was an expert livestock trader. On March 5, 1770, he left dinner after hearing strange fire bells. He then gathered an angry mob and went to where a British soldier was staying. The soldier shot into the crowd killing Attucks and injuring other civilians. Thousands attended his funeral. Madam C. J. Walker was the first American woman to earn 1 million dollars. On December 23, 1867, she was born into a racist society. She grew up working in the laundry mats, trying to invent a hair product for regrowth. A black man told the ingredients in a dream she had one night. She set up her own business and sold her products worldwide. In 1919, she died of kidney failure. Her business is still running today. Matthew Henson was one of the first two people to reach the North Pole. He was born in Maryland, 1866. He had many jobs by age 14 in Baltimore. He worked on a ship at age 19; he sailed around by China. Then he met another captain. They made trips up north to reach the pole and met many disasters. He reached the pole in 1909 and he died in 1955. Marian Anderson was born February 17, 1902, in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At age 6, she joined her churchs junior choir. From high school on she sung at churches, clubs, and organizations. She had won a contest in New York a few years later. She traveled to Europe to help herself with her opera pronouncing. She was very famous in Europe. She had performed in the White House for President Roosevelt. She set up funds for young musicians with her money from contests. She was a very good singer until 1993, when she died. Romare Bearden is the most celebrated black American artist of the 20th century. He was born on September 2, 1912, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He became the organist at his church at a young age. After high s...

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Why Joe Biden Quit His 1988 Campaign

Why Joe Biden Quit His 1988 Campaign Long before Joe Biden was tapped to be Barack Obamas vice president, and long before he began testing the waters for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the lawmaker from Delaware got caught up in a plagiarism scandal that derailed his first campaign for the White House in 1987. Later in his political career, Biden described his 1987 campaign as an embarrassing train wreck and put the plagiarism case behind him, but his use of others work without attribution became an issue in the 2016 presidential election. Joe Biden Acknowledges Plagiarism in Law School Biden first publicly acknowledged plagiarizing another authors work during his bid for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. Biden used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution in a paper he claimed to have written as a first-year student at the  Syracuse University College of Law, according to a faculty report on the incident issued at the time. The article Biden plagiarized, Tortious Acts as a Basis for Jurisdiction in Products Liability Cases,  was initially published in the  Fordham Law Review in May 1965. Among the sentences Biden used without appropriate attribution, according to a New York Times report, was: The trend of judicial opinion in various jurisdictions has been that the breach of an implied warranty of fitness is actionable without privity, because it is a tortious wrong upon which suit may be brought by a non-contracting party. Biden apologized to his law school when he was a student and said his actions were unintentional. On the campaign trail 22 years later, he told the press before abandoning his campaign:  I was wrong, but I was not malevolent in any way. I did not intentionally move to mislead anybody. And I didnt. To this day I didnt. Joe Biden Accused of Plagiarizing Campaign Speeches Biden was also said to have used without attribution substantial portions of speeches by  Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, as well as  British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock, in his own stump speeches in 1987. Biden said those claims were much ado about nothing but eventually  quit his campaign for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination on  Sept. 23, 1987, amid scrutiny of his record. Among  the  similarities with Kinnock that came under scrutiny, according to The Telegraph newspaper, was this Biden turn of phrase: Why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go a university? Why is it that my wife ... is the first in her family to ever go to college? Is it because our fathers and mothers were not bright? ... Is it because they didnt work hard? My ancestors who worked in the coal mines of northeast Pennsylvania and would come after 12 hours and play football for four hours? Its because they didnt have a platform on which to stand. The Kinnock speech reads: Why am I the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? Was it because our predecessors were thick? Does anybody really think that they didnt get what we had because they didnt have the talent or the strength or the endurance or the commitment? Of course not. It was because there was no platform upon which they could stand. Plagiarism Cases an Issue in 2016 Campaign The plagiarism cases were long forgotten until Biden, who was vice president at the time, began testing the waters for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2015. Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump  asked how hed fare against Biden in a general election in August 2015, brought up Bidens plagiarism. Trump said: I think Id matchup great. Im a job producer. Ive had a great record, I havent been involved in plagiarism. I think I would match up very well against him. Neither Biden nor his campaign commented on Trumps statement.

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Computers That Simulate And Reflect Human Behaviors Essay - 1

Computers That Simulate And Reflect Human Behaviors - Essay Example The development of relational artifacts has highly facilitated the manipulation of users into believing that computers have emotions and empathy thereby evoking feelings and intimate relationships within beings. The article, in conclusion, asserts that the resulting meaning of liveliness and authenticity attached to these computers are erroneous since robots are simply based on programmed codes. According to Turkle (2007), the modern generation of computer continues to distort the traditional meaning of human-computer relationship with regards to authenticity and liveliness. However, the key question should query the basis of the meanings being debated upon. To me, human perception of authenticity and liveliness with regards to relational artifacts has majorly been underlined by the nature of the feedback as interpreted by the observer but not on the inherent properties of the sources. Therefore, despite the wrongful contextualization of computer and human being relationship, users are rightfully guided by their behavioral desires and the subsequent feedback suitably marched by these  computers.